Noriko Karatsu's etching
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Noriko Karatsu

Born in Tokyo Japan
Married, Two children
1991〜1996  Lived in Finchley, London, U.K. 
1995〜1996  Learned etching at Hampstead College of Art.
1996            Back to Tokyo
1999〜2009  Joined in art studio ZABO HOUSE in Harajuku, Tokyo.
2008            Book cover competition of GALLERY HOUSE MAYA  Art director Naoko Nakui prize
2010〜2012  Lived in Mayfair, London, U.K. and worked at Hampstead School of Art.
May 2012    Came back to Tokyo, working at ZABO HOUSE again.

2003  “Plant-o-plant” at Mr.Takeo Muraji's home gallery
2005  “Mythomania”  at the therapy room OASE in Fujisawa
2006  “Night Sea, Noon Desert” at the restaurant MU-RANG in Nishiogikubo
2009   Book cover competition of GALLERY HOUSE MAYA Winners' exhibition“Girls and Flowers” at GALLERY HOUSE MAYA
2000〜2009   Annual ZABO HOUSE exhibitions 

2013   Annual ZABO HOUSE exhibition  

2012  Book cover illustration for "Yuki to Sango to" by Kaho Nashiki: Kadokawa Shoten
2013  Book cover illustration for "Otome no Mikkoku" by Akiko Akazome: Shincho Bunko

○Art Materials and Techniques
copper plates, zinc plates, etching, aquatint, drypoint

[My Favourite Artisits]
  Marc Chagall, Bernard Buffet, Alois Carigiet, Jane Ray,
  Hannah Swain, Peter Sis, Yoshie Watanabe, Jun Tada

[My Favourite Writers and Books]
   Haruki Murakami, Banana Yoshimoto, Randy Taguchi, Kazuo Ishiguro, Lawrence van del Post,
  Fairy tales, myths, legends,

[My Favourite Movies]
  Lawrence of Arabia, The Last Emperor, A Man who Cried, Chocolat,
  Gaia Symphony series

[MY Favourite Places]
  Suburb in London, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum,
  Aoyama, Kichijouji in Tokyo, Meiji Shrine, Inogashira Park,  

[My Favourite Things to do]
   Reading books, growing plants, playing with cats, travel

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